what comes out of her mouth
i'm kels:
i like to do my own thing,
run in thunderstorms,
drink milkshakes,
and sleep alone.

oh, my god, larissa. 


and if it dies on the vine, well, frost came early this year, i checked the calendar the day i met you and the moon was a crescent so maybe that’s why i still don’t know how you look in moonlight— but we fucked with the lights on, once, and you asked why i didn’t like eye contact and i didn’t know…

so so so beautiful as usual by shutl0w 
It’s a strange thing, breaking up with someone you love. Just the actual name of it, ‘breaking up’, sounds like what it is. Breaking up the ice on the pond or breaking up the whole pan of peanut brittle.
me: i can't have sex with strangers
sio: i said the same thing before i was a ho
i want to go back to asia

like, right now. this week could just be over. i wouldn’t mind. 

also, while i’m on the subject of complaining. could someone come fix my chest please? i wanna do stuff. i also miss people who sleep with me and rub my back and kiss my nose and love me. well, that one person.

ok, i’m done now

in love
i was sweeping the kitchen floor this evening

and kind of clenching my jaw/biting my lip/doing that weird thing with your face that only you do when you concentrate and thinking about how everyone has a concentrating face and how it can’t be good i’m grinding my teeth and - 

i look up and dr don’s sitting at the kitchen table doing the exact same face while he works at his computer. genetics

(i hope i got his horseshoes too like momma bear keeps saying)